What Are The Positive Aspects Of Pulp Moulding Machines?

A Pulp Moulding Machine forms a crucial part of paper egg tray production line. Its quality impacts, directly, the quality of the paper Tray. During Paper Egg Tray manufacturing process, a machine mashes the waste paper while the paper pulp goes into the pulp molding machine. The entire system is composed of a vacuum pump, rotary-type molding machine, air compressor, water pump and vacuum tank. So what are the positive aspects of pulp moulding machines? Read on.

Features Of Best Pulp Moulding Machines

Automatic: Controlled by programmable logic controls (PLC), paper egg tray machine is fully automatic and hence conserve energy and labor costs

Attractive design: The equipment applies special vacuum technology when moulding pulp products. The technology is, therefore, convenient and reasonable. It also leads to the production of attractive egg tray designs.


Drying Tunnels: Heat Burners are specially mounted so as to supply hot air to the tunnels. The hot air increase temperatures inside the tunnel to dry the wet egg tray. Burners also use gas, diesel or electricity and hence users do not need a separate heat source to dry the Paper Egg Trays.

A variety of pulp products: You only change pulp moulding equipment, the mold itself to make different types of pulp products. So, Pulp Moulding Machines are multipurpose pulp moulding machine.

Benefits Of Pulp Moulding Machine:

1. Reduces Water and Air Pollution

Paper egg carton machine for sale utilize recycled water and hence reduce water and air pollution. Besides, finished packaging products are recycled after being used to store, transport and sell the products. All a user has to do is shred the products and either returns them to the machine for recycling or even discard into the environment to decompose. Pulp paper readily decomposes under natural conditions.

2. High Efficiency

The machine, as well as the moulding dies, is entirely designed by computer-aided engineering and top-notch technology. Pulp Moulding Machines are, therefore, very efficient, require minimal maintenance and conserve energy particularly during the first 30 years of use. Thus, a user saves money and time while using the egg tray production line machine.

3. Uses all types of waste paper

It uses all forms of waste paper to manufacture high-quality moulded products. You will, thus, be able to produce egg trays, apple trays, vegetable portion trays, meat portion trays, strawberry punnets, fruit portion trays, and wine packs kidney trays. Consequently, if you need a reliable and consent business, this machine is ideal for you.

4. Reduces Carbon emission

By recycling paper and materials that can be transformed into packaging materials, automatic egg tray machine reduces the cutting of trees. Trees are very crucial in reducing carbon in the air. The machine also lessens waste papers that would otherwise accumulate in some areas contributing to irritating dumpsites and landfills.


Pulp Moulding Machines provide worthy investment ventures. Since they are highly efficient, they reduce the energy used and time spent while producing useful egg tray products. Paper Egg Tray Making Machines also reduce carbon emissions to the environment, reduce pollution to the environment and create products that decompose under natural conditions.