What are the Working Principles of Stationary Concrete Batching plant?

You normally ask yourself what a concrete batching plant is? Well, a concrete batch plant is a device that is used to make concrete. It combines more than one ingredient in the process of concrete making. The ingredients used in making concrete include water, sand, fly ash, potash, and cement as a binder and a strengthening component.

There are two major types of stationary concrete batching plant namely; ready mix plant and central mix stationary concrete plant. In ready mix plant, all the ingredients except for water are mixed then the mixture is discharged into a concrete transporter truck. It is in this truck that water is then added and mixed as the mixture is being transported to the construction site.

concrete batching plant

On the other hand, central mix plants are the types of concrete batching plants in which some or all of the required ingredients are mixed at once to make concrete at a central location. The final product is then transported to the construction site. The advantage of this type of concrete batching plant over the ready mix batching plant is that the final product is more consistent since all the ingredients are added at the central location. It is better to choose large concrete mixer for the plant. There are many types of large concrete mixers for sale.

All in all, the operation principle of both the ready mix and central mix is the same and the following is the working principles of a stationery concrete batching plant;

The components comprising the concrete batching plant are, mixers, batching machine, aggregate batchers, conveyors, radial stackers, heaters, chillers, cement silos, batch plant controls and dust collectors.

At the control room, when the system is charged with electricity from either diesel generators or the national grid system, the user- machine interface initializes and this include formula number, concrete grade, slump and productivity among other variables needed depending on the requirements of the final product. The signal will indicate all the test parameters and the general welfare and conditions of the various components of the plant. Each silo is tested and weights recorded and if all the weights are set properly, the process can now begin. The operator is the final component of this operation as the system will just output the various conditions at the individual component and that it is upon him to start or add/reduce the components according to the preference and the final product quality and quantity. When refering to mobile concrete batch plant for sale, it is also a kind of hot sales plant.

The conveyor belt transmit aggregate to the weighing hopper, the valves to the fly ash and cement tank opens and the screw conveyor transmits them to the weighing hopper. All other ingredients are conveyed from where they are stored and into the weighing hopper. When the right weight is achieved, the weighing hopper doors opens automatically into the concrete mixer. At the concrete mixer, all the components are mixed thoroughly and all the extra additives are added at this stage. The final product is loaded into a concrete truck ready for transportation to the job site. The concrete mixer and pump machine can achieve mix and pump at the same time. Depending on the concrete batching plant type, the truck is designed accordingly. All the operations of the plant is centralized for safety purposes and also in order to allow a smooth operation without having to move up and down trying to mead and verify the conditions in each and every component which can be time comsuming.